Afghan citizens welcome the removal of Ghani and his relatives’ names from the list of UN:

After the United Nations decided to remove Ashraf Ghani, Rula Ghani, and Hanif Atmar from the list of world leaders in the UN, a number of citizens praised the decision and demanded the punishment of fugitive President Ashraf Ghani. And they are his accomplices.

On the other hand, some people consider the decision of the United Nations to be in favor of Pakistan and other countries that do not want the good of Afghanistan.    

According to experts, Pakistan once again wants to represent Afghanistan or nominate a Taliban representative who works for Pakistan.

After six months in power, the Taliban have not yet been able to obtain the consent of world governments to recognize them due to their involvement in terrorist incidents and human rights abuses in Afghanistan.

A number of politicians: while praising the removal of Ghani's name from President, have called him a national traitor and are asking the UN for Ghani and his colleagues to be punished. But still there are some people considers that Ashraf Ghani a good man.

Masoud Ansar


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