Talban's request to the world: recognize us and return our frozen money.

In a meeting that was held to hold the government accountable to the people at the Government Media and Information Center, Amir Khan Motaghi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban group, asked the world to recognize this group.

In this meeting, which was attended by several officials of this group and the media, they asked USA to return the frozen assets of Afghanistan to this country.


In a part of this press conference, it was reported that this group has established 450 human rights commissions in 34 provinces, while dozens of cases of human rights violations are reported by members of this group on social media.

In one case, this group beats a person who is more than sixty years old because of rejecting the proposal of one of the members of this group to his daughter.


While the Taliban group has prohibited women from working outside the home, and in some cases dismissed women from their jobs and closed all schools for girls above the sixth grade for a year, they’re reporting that they thousands of women in The Ministries of Education and Health are still working and have also provided a report to the media that Taliban administration regularly pays of salaries to female employees in mentioned ministries.

However, several knowledgeable people consider this type of government by the Taliban group to be untrustworthy in the eyes of the world and say that until this group has reached international standards in line with good governance, respect for human rights, ensuring global security and social justice. And no country will be willing to recognize this group.


While the Taliban group informs the people about providing security, accountability and good governance, hundreds of cars are smuggled from the mines of this country to neighboring countries by this group. And dozens of cases of violence against women, youth and adults in the northern parts of this country are carried out by this group.

In a press conference under the name of accountability of the government to the nation, which was held at the media center of the government in Kabul, Amir Khan Motaghi, acting minister of foreign affairs of the Taliban group, asked the countries of the world to recognize this group. But experts say, the world has not yet found any reason to recognize this group and they are even trying to find ways to achieve a democratic and inclusive government.


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