Rape Claim Against Taliban in Balkh

The Independent Persian News Paper reports that the Taliban arrested about 70 protesters on September 7th and 8th last year. Taliban had raped a number of these girls and boys; newspaper added.

Independent Persian News Paper published a report exposing the Taliban’s rape of protesting girls in Balkh.

According to the newspaper, Taliban arrested about 70 protesters, including girls and boys, on September 7 and 8 last year and raped a number of the arrested girls and boys.

Based on the Independent Persian, nine of the protesting girls have so far disappeared or are being held by the Taliban, but five of the protesting girls have been killed by their families after being released from Taliban custody when their families feared they might become pregnant

Taliban have not commente4d on the Independent Persian’s report. Taliban are accused of raping and abusing protesters in Balkh, while a number of women in Kabul say; Alia Azizi, director of the Herat Women’s Prison, has been abducted by Taliban for the past four months and Alia Azizi is still missed

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch in its latest report warns the deteriorating humanitarian situation, especially for women, by the Taliban. Human crisis in Afghanistan has become a major disaster they added.

Masoud Ansar


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