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Young and old, men and women, all want the future of their asylum seeking to be cleared.

The military and civilians may be among the asylum seekers who moved to the UAE from Kabul about six months ago, but still they wish to go to the United States of America.

In the hotel where they live, they have bread, water and other necessities of life, but they want to go to the USA because they have somehow worked with the American military, and the USA promises to transfer its colleagues by withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan have also given they say.

But most of those who remain under Taliban control in Afghanistan have no life security, and most of the people are not affected by finances, poverty and unemployment. Fear of Taliban oppression has become another problem for the people.

Experts say that with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani and his group fled by stealing people’s money. The flight of officials from the previous government caused thousands of civilians to flee the country

Hundreds of Afghans demonstrated at Abu Dhabi Camp in UAE against the evacuation process The Afghan refugees, who fled Afghanistan under Taliban administration, were transferred to the UAE camp by US forces, but are stranded for about six months.

Masoud Ansar


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