Rejecting Talban's assertion that 40 new emerald mines have been found in Panjshir

Locals in Panjshir have called the Taliban's report that 40 new emerald mines have been found in this province's Peryan district a big lie and have denied it. The Department of Mines and Petroleum was cited by the Taliban's Department of Information and Culture on Wednesday, 24 Aqrab. This Panjshir group announced that 40 new emerald mines had been found in the Perian district.Although local sources refute the Taliban's claim, they also state that the mines they claim to have recently found were previously identified by other governments. The people who live in Panjshir claim that the majority of these mines were actually extracted in the past.But they charge local Taliban officials of "spreading lies," including this group's Directorate of Information and Culture.This year, the Talban Ministry of Mines and Petroleum declared in Asad that 200 work permits for emerald miners had been issued.However, in a number of different instances in the past, this group has declared the sale of Panjshir emeralds to retailers.


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