Beating women protestors and journalists by the Taliban

A day after the explosion on the Kaj educational center in the west of Kabul and dozens of students were killed and injured, this morning a number of women protested against these attacks, but the women's protest was met by the Taliban with aerial shots and whipping. Women and journalists scattered.

Another number of protesting women in a closed space with slogans in their hands called the killing of students a crime and accused international institutions of being indifferent to the events in Afghanistan.

At the same time, hundreds of students from Ostad Rabbani University of Education also protested due to the killing of students and demanded an end to these crimes.

Those in the know consider such attacks as an attack on science and knowledge and say that terrorists are afraid of science and education and do not want Afghanistan to develop scientifically.

This is while a few days ago, the Minister of Education of Talban considered it permissible to learn science and called it obligatory to implement the ruling of Amir al-Mu'minin, which met with widespread reactions on social networks.

A number of women protested in response to the deadly terrorist attack on Kaj educational center. But the Taliban dispersed the protesting women by beating them and beat and arrested a number of protestors and journalists who went to cover the protest.

Masoud Ansar


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