The Taliban once again did not allowed women to protest in Kabul

A number of women, after the Taliban ordered them to wear black Arab Hijabs, chanted the slogan “It is not our culture and hijab,” and expressed their opposition to the Taliban’s decision.

The Borqa or Hijab is not an Islamic culture.. We want our freedom and our place in society, are the slogans that a number of women in Kabul emphasized today.

The protester women opposed when the Taliban ordered Afghan women to leave house wearing the Arab black Hijab as an Afghan

But Taliban did not allowed the media to cover the protests and also prevented the protesting women from continuing their march

In the last few weeks, the Taliban have issued leaflets imposing restrictions on women traveling, women dressing, beard and men dressing, listening to music and more. 

The media was still not allowed to cover the women’s protest

Masoud Ansar


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