A Number of Women Wearing Arabic Hijab Demonstrating Supporting Taliban

By wearing the Burqa, which means chador, and some with black Arab hijabs, they chant in support of the Taliban.

They call on the United States to release frozen assets in Afghanistan.

But it is seen that the march is led by men and the Taliban, who clashed with protesting women, are securing the march.

Meanwhile, a number of women protested indoors and demanded the release of women from the Taliban...

The women chanted slogans such as "Emirati, give up captivity" and demanded the release of women who have been detained by the Taliban for a week and are still missing.

At the same time, while criticizing the Taliban's actions against women, they say that the group is not trustworthy.

After the escape of Ashraf Ghani and the officials of the previous government, most of the country's infrastructure was destroyed and the freedoms of the people were taken away by the Taliban.

khadija Amin


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