Ahmad Massoud: Afghanistan has become a center of terrorist training

Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the National Resistance Front, has warned in an interview with a French media that Afghanistan has once again become a training center for terrorist groups.

In an interview with "LCA" TV, the leader of the National Resistance Front emphasized that he is worried about the future of this country after examining the situation in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Masoud added: "After examining the situation in Afghanistan during the two years of Taliban rule, I am seriously worried and afraid of the dangerous future that lies ahead.

"Ahmad Massoud further added: "I am worried about the long-term bad consequences for my land and people under the control of the Taliban group.

"The leader of the National Resistance Front has once again warned the world that if the current situation in Afghanistan is not paid attention to, it will have dire consequences not only for this country and the countries of the region, but for all the countries of the world.


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