The logic of Amir Khan Motaqi!

Foreign Minister of Talban says that the country's economy was better in the previous regime because of the war!

Amir Khan Motaqi, who gave a speech at Anas Haqqani's return from Hajj party, said that some people criticize the deterioration of the country's economic situation, but they do not know that in the previous regime, the people's economy was better because of the war, killing of people, and construction of large security walls. Now these things do not exist.

But a number of experts say that there is no logic in these words of the foreign minister of the Taliban group, because the existence of war causes capital to flee the country.

These experts believe that in the previous regime, people and businessmen thought that they were safe from the Taliban rule and continued to work and trade despite the war.

Conflict was the reason for economic growth in the previous regime!

Amir Khan Motaqi


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