Corruption in the distribution of passports has led to a wave of illegal immigration.

Panjshir province ... People gathered to get passports ...

Passport applicants complain that they have to wait for months to receive a passport or pay more than a thousand dollars to get a passport that they are entitled to ...

This is from Takhar province ... Taliban whip in front of passport applicants ... They also pay money and are beaten ....

Passport issuance for citizens of a country is one of the sources of financial income

Every citizen has the right to have a passport in addition to an identity card

But widespread corruption in the passport distribution process has led to a majority of people migrating illegally.

Having a passport that represents the citizenship of human beings abroad has now become the biggest problem for citizens inside Afghanistan.

The passport distribution process has been so slow since the Taliban took control that citizens have to pay large sums of money or wait for months to obtain a passport.

Some citizens say they wait months to receive a passport, and that more than $ 1,000 must be paid to the Taliban to obtain a passport. A number of Panjshir residents accuse the governor and a number of other officials of the province of corruption.

Masoud Ansar


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