The schoolgirls cried because they were not allowed to go to school.

After the Taliban announced the start of schooling, they closed the school doors to girls before opening.

With the start of the new educational year, it was expected that after seven months of school breaks, it would normally open to all students, but hours after school started and a wave of warm welcome from the girls who were heading to their schools, their coin of joy was suddenly They turned around and returned to their homes with grief and tears

In the previous system, every year in the third day of HAMAL, all girls and boys went to school by ringing the school bell.

But this is the first time in twenty years that not only has no bell been rung, even schools have remained closed to girls.

Simultaneously with the closure of schools for girls, some women protested against the closure of girls' schools above the sixth grade.

A statement from the Taliban-led Ministry of Education stated that schools would be closed to girls.

Following the announcement, girls above the sixth grade are not allowed to go to school until further notice by the Taliban government.


At the beginning of the Taliban school year, girls above the sixth grade were not allowed to go to school. These girls say that education is a right and dignity and no one can stop their education. These girls say that even gender discrimination cannot stop them from learning.

Masoud Ansar


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