Was Prophet Mohammad Mustafa the leader of the suicide bombers?

Recently, Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani's audiotape was posted on social media, in which Haqqani said that the attack on the Continental Hotel in Kabul was led by Prophet Mohammad and that those killed in the attack had received a certificate of martyrdom and entry into paradise. They brought.

On the other hand, those who listened to Haqqani chats can be heard crying.

A number of activists and people say that the leaders of the Taliban, as well as a number of politicians, while having a less knowledge and literacy, have tried throughout history to keep people away from science and knowledge in order to believe them with all their nonsense and false statements.

Experts say that Haqqani and other Taliban like him are accusing the Prophet Muhammad and claiming the caliphate, leadership, etc., that they cannot recite even a single verse of understanding the Qur'an correctly.

This is not the first time that Taliban officials have made such blasphemous and untrue statements.

Earlier, a Taliban leader told a group of supporters that the name of Logar province had been mentioned several times in the Holy Quran.

Another Taliban commander mentions the contents of the soup and says, "Whoever eats the soup, God will cure him of seventy diseases."

While, after the Taliban came to power, the people lost their duties, women were deprived of their right to freedom and education, the media was restricted, even the people starved their children and organs, but Instead of seeking solutions to the country's hunger crisis, the Taliban have turned a blind eye to discrediting Islam.

Experts say that the Taliban have been mobilized to fight the Afghan people after learning the basic religious sciences in Pakistan, and they do not have the slightest religious understanding.

People believe that Taliban in the 21st century still believe that they can deceive the people by expressing superstitions.

But a number of scholars and politicians say that in remote parts of the country there are still people who accept nonsense, nonsense like Haqqani and other leaders.

People say it is unlikely that one day one of these Taliban will introduce himself as a prophet.

Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani's remarks that the attack on the Continental Hotel was led by the Prophet Muhammad Some people say that the Taliban are showing their ignorance with these words. At the same time, another Taliban commander claims that Logar's name has been mentioned several times in the Qur'an.


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