Taliban Violence with Women Protesters

they carrying pictures of Ms. Zainab, who was killed by Taliban three days ago in western Kabul, and say that the Tlaiban kill men and women in violation of all national and international laws.

The Taliban used pepper spray to push them away the protesting women say

These women set fire to the Borqa and say; this is an Islamic Hejab, but it is the disgusting and backward culture of Pakistni’s and Arabs and it is not acceptable to them.

Although the Taliban repressed the women’s march again and did not allow the media to cover the women’s protests, the footage were taken by women with their mobile devices.

Apart from that, a number of employees of the former Ministry of Women’s Affairs protested in a closed place and demanded the international community and the Taliban for their lost rights.

The Taliban are accused of detaining a number of women in Balkh province, including Alia Azizi, the former director of the Herat Women’s Prison, and several other women, as well as Zainab , who came home a few nights before a wedding party, but are not accountable. 

Masoud Ansar


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