Kabul residents protested against the decision of Biden for Afghanistan's frozen monies.

Sports and arts disciplines that should not be involved in politics,

But after Joe Biden signed off on freeing Afghanistan's frozen money and allocating some of that money as compensation to the victims of 9/11

Now a number of young people protesting on the streets under the name of sports have called for the release of additional Afghan money.

Following the escalation of the poverty and unemployment crisis in Afghanistan, even after the Taliban came to power, the US President decided to conditionally release Afghanistan's monetary support funds, and how Biden's decision met with national and international criticism.

While many Afghans are demanding the release and non-payment of some of these funds, such as compensation to the families of 9/11 victims, and say that Afghans were not involved in 9/11, economists believe that if these funds If it falls to the Taliban, it will be a pity and the value of the Afghan currency will fall.

Afghanistan has more than $ 7 billion in capital in world banks.

This capital is the only monetary support of Afghanistan.

In the latest case, Biden ordered that more than $ 3 billion of Afghanistan's $ 7 billion in funding be given to the victims of 9/11. A decision that has drawn sharp criticism in Afghanistan and around the world

Masoud Ansar


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