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Less than a month ago, Zarifa Ghaffari criticized the international community for leaving the Afghan people in the hands of the Taliban at a European Parliament session, calling the Taliban an immutable group and itself.

But now she has returned to Kabul and says she continues to live under the rule of the Islamic regime, the Taliban.

This one hundred and eighty degree change of Ghaffari has faced a wave of criticism from the citizens of the country, especially women.

Some accuse Ms. Ghaffari of taking a new project from intelligence agencies, having an ethnic orientation and many other suspicious cases.

Some also believe that the previous regime was handed over to the Taliban in a deal, and now certain figures are slowly returning from an address to legitimize the Taliban.

Zarifa Ghaffari's return has become even more critical as the Taliban do not allow women to operate, and there are allegations that the Taliban have detained, tortured, raped and detained dozens of women protesters.

Ms. Ghaffari had previously accused the Taliban of killing her father and attacking him.

The return of Zarifa Ghaffari, winner of the Brave Woman Award, to Afghanistan has been criticized by a number of active women. Some say Ghaffari's return is a new project by intelligence agencies. While dozens of women protesters are in the Taliban's custody, Zarifa Ghaffari, who previously insulted the Taliban, is now back with what kind of goal.

Masoud Ansar


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