This Year, Instead of Red Roses, the Alleys of Kart-e-Se Hosted the Long Hair Taliban and Gunmen

Kart-e-Se the Pul-e-Sorkh is a place where years before the Taliban took over, on the day of lovers, the 14th of Feb, there was joy and happiness among the faces of the youth, but this year there is no warmth and happiness…

Although shopkeepers and florists have made little preparations to celebrate the day, Taliban have been hampered by the presence of guns.

In this letter, the Taliban have forbidden Valentine’s Day and warned that those who celebrate this day will be punished, possibly a field punishment and without a court order or a legal authority…

A number of Kabul residents say that the Taliban have left them no joy, and that the Taliban stand against them with guns and whips for every excuse they have.

Young people who make a living by selling flowers and red heart balloons to earn some money to their families complain about the Taliban’s behaves and actions.

Experts say that the surrender of the previous administration by Ghani to Taliban ruined all the happiness of the people.

Taliban threatening letter prevented the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Every year, a number of citizens celebrated 14th of Feb as Valentine’s Day, but this year Taliban disrupted all lovers’ programs. The Taliban have warned by publishing a letter that any girl or boy who celebrated this day will be arrested and they will be married by the Taliban. Kabul today did not have the warmth of Valentine’s Day of previous years

Masoud Ansar


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