Is the Talban system Islamic?

In the final meeting of the accountability of the government to the nation, the administrative deputy head of Talban says that in the Islamic system, honor, dignity, wealth and even non-Muslim places of worship are protected.

Abdul Salam Hanafi, the administrative deputy of the head of the Taliban's vice-minister added that the Taliban group has ensured the rights of the country's citizens in all fields and no one has the right to act against Sharia and Mullah Haibatullah's amnesty order.

But a large number of people say that in Talabani's regime, not only non-Muslims, even Muslims are not immune and their rights are violated.

A number of citizens of the country consider the general amnesty of the Taliban leader to be a deception of the public mind and a pure lie, and they say that the major international institutions documented the crimes of the Taliban.


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