The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has resulted in about 126 thousand deaths and injuries

According to a United Nations estimate, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resulted in more than 126,000 deaths or injuries between 2008 and 2020.

The Palestinians have suffered significantly more fatalities than Israelis throughout this time.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict claimed the greatest number of lives in 2014, according to UN statistics. 

Over 19,000 Palestinians and over 2,000 Israelis died in that year.

One of the longest and bloodiest confrontations in history is the one involving Israel and Palestine.

This war began in the 1940s and has persisted ever since.

The United Nations has frequently urged an Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire, but these calls have not been heeded.

The Palestinian people have suffered several human and economic effects as a result of this conflict. 

A large number of Palestinians reside in refugee camps and lack access to fundamental medical and educational resources.

Another barrier to the establishment of peace and stability in the Middle East is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


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