Pakistani Prime Minister’s order faced with Afghans Reactions

In response to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s order to send Pakistani employees to the Taliban group’s administration in Afghanistan, fugitive President Ashraf Ghani’s voice President Amrullah Saleh wrote on his Facebook page that IS-backed militias were working to fill the vacuum, the evacuation gap is being filled by Pakistan agents.

A part from that Qasim Wafayezada, previous minister of Information and Culture in Ghani’s government, emphasizes the existence of professional cadres in the country and says’ in the past, we had everything, but there was not such a management and leadership. And now there is no any strategy to hire these cadres by Taliban group.

A number of other social media users have also expressed their oppositions to Imran Khan Speech about Pakistan’s employees on Twitter and Facebook. 

Masoud Ansar


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