Huda Khamosh a Participant of Oslo Summit Calls Mottaqi to Release Parwana and Tamana

Huda Khamosh, a women rights activist who attended the Oslo summit, called on Mottaqi to release the girls abducted by the group of Taliban

Parwana Ibrahimkhail and Tamana Zaryab Pariani were kidnapped by the Taliban and hided in an unknown place by this group, and no information has been provided by the Taliban about the fate of these two ladies.

From the other hand, women; continue to their daily protests against the Taliban’s actions banding women rights and their freedom

According to Huda Khamosh, although Amir Khan Mottaqi has ordered his subordinated to clarify the fate of the girls who are in their custody, but there is a contradiction in the words and deeds of the and tries to divert the mentality of the people she said.

On the other hand, Human Rights Watch has expressed concern about the situation of women in Afghanistan, saying that the Taliban are not living up to any of their commitments.

A number of politicians have called on the world to negotiate with the Taliban over the realization of women’s freedom, to provide education and employment for women

But here in Kabul, women are still protesting, calling on the Taliban to release the two women kidnapped by this group, chanting slogans of work and freedom

Parwana Ibrahimkhail and Tamana Zaryab Pariani were abducted by the Taliban when they stepped to the streets to demand justice and freedom against Taliban

khadija Amin


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