Taliban spokesperson: Unintentionally contributes to the collapse of the nation!

In an interview with the RTA run by this group, Zabihullah Mujahid highlighted that while there may be accidents, the Afghan people as a whole are united, and nothing will cause the country to fall apart.

The Taliban system is monoethnic, and aside from the Mullahs—who are also Pashtuns—no one else is permitted to lead or make decisions in the current system, according to a number of experts.

In contrast, the government structure shows unity and consensus.

Experts claim that employees of the Taliban administration who are from different ethnic groups are treated in the same way as regular officers in the "Islamic Emirate" and lack the authority to be fired.

At the same time, other locals add that the Afghan people are even happy with the separation of the country in order to end the fear of the Taliban and the injustice they have endured over the past few years.


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