Afghanistan in six months of Taliban rule

Exactly six months ago on this day, the Taliban came to power overnight from an insurgent group. A victory that was astonishing even to the Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani's escape from Kabul destroyed the republican system, which was accompanied by shortcomings.

Although in the morning of the same day, Bismillah Mohammadi and a number of other Ministry of Defense officials reassured the people in a message, at the end of the day, Abdullah Abdullah announced the news of Ghani's escape.

Although the people were not happy with the claimants of the republic, the fall of the republic marked the beginning of the darkest days of the Afghan people.

Most politicians fled in the same 15 months, but a large number of other people, including soldiers and even peddlers, stormed Kabul airport, all trying to escape to save their lives.

Thousands arrived in Europe and the United States, but thousands are still waiting in third countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, to travel to Europe, the United States, or other parts of the world.

The blast near the airport killed scores of people.

During this six months of Taliban rule, the people have faced many problems of economic security and injustice

Even families have been forced to sell children and pollen,

The most difficult case of selling a child to a mother is a decision created by the poor economic situation under the Taliban.

The Taliban formed the Mullahs' government, which some consider to represent Pakistan in Afghanistan.

In these six months, in addition to the National Resistance Front, two other fronts declared their existence against the Taliban.

Although a number of Taliban officials have met with leaders of the Resistance Front in Iran, their meetings have been fruitless.

The arrival of the Taliban was the most difficult for Afghan women. The price is paid by Afghan women who have made great sacrifices over the past 20 years.

Women took to the streets to demand dignity from the Taliban, which always led to violent protests by the Taliban.

The Taliban abducted a number of protesting women from dignified homes, so much so that the fate of their number is still unclear, and reports of rape of female protesters have been circulated by the Taliban.

Schools and universities closed to girls Women were barred from going to work.

The Taliban are now in power. Unlike the first round of government in the 1990s, the people have high expectations.

Ashraf Ghani's escape and the return of the Taliban destroyed twenty years of values. During these six months of poverty, gender discrimination, ethnicity and other serious problems, a number of cadres fled the country. The abduction of women, the mysterious killings of soldiers and civilians have made life miserable for the people.

Masoud Ansar


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