A number of Kabul residents are concerned about the increase in armed robberies.

Residents of the capital Kabul say that, among other problems, thieves have made life difficult for them.

Some insiders attribute the increase in armed robbery to the growing poverty, lack of rule of law and the involvement of a number of Taliban in the robberies.

At the same time as the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, a number of people in the country are expressing concern about the increase in crime and mysterious murders in the country.

Citizens say that after the release of criminals from prisons by the Taliban, robbery, murder, and slavery have made life difficult for people.

Another number of citizens consider unemployment and poverty as another factor in the increase of armed robberies in the country.

Some believe that one of the reasons for people fleeing Afghanistan is the increase in crime, lack of life and financial security.

Thousands of criminals were released from prisons under the Taliban.

Masoud Ansar


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