Experts: the proxy wars of the countries of the world in Afghanistan are increasing day by day.

The massacre of people of Tajik origin in Panjshir, Andarab, Takhar and Badakhshan has finally brought the criticism and concern of the president of Tajikistan, a country located in the neighborhood of Afghanistan.

Tajik President Imam Ali Rahman, while worrying about the situation in Afghanistan after the establishment of the Taliban government and considering the establishment of terrorist groups in Afghanistan as dangerous for the security of the region, asks the countries of the world to help solve the problem of Afghanistan.

At the same time as the UN special reporter, during his last week's trip to Panjshir, he said that in this province and other parts of the province, Taliban have massacred people.

But the words of the Tajik officials regarding the situation in Afghanistan have aroused the feelings of a number of Taliban and supporters of this group, and each of them has warned against the occupation of Dushanbe in Tajikistan.

One of the Tajik politicians says is that if they want to intervene in Afghanistan, Taliban will soon disappear.

Previously, Taliban Defense Minister Mullah Yaqoob had asked Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to return the planes of the former government that were transferred to these countries in the days of the fall, but Malaya Yaqoob's request and warning have not been answered yet.

The Taliban, who came to power mostly from the Pashtun people of Afghanistan and with the direct support of Pakistan and the indirect support of the United States and a number of other countries, have suppressed the non-Pashtun ethnic groups in Afghanistan in different ways in more than a year of their rule.

In response to the Tajikistan president's criticism of the Taliban's genocide of Tajiks in Afghanistan, these experts say that the continuation of this situation may destroy the war-torn Afghanistan. Yesterday, the president of Tajikistan criticized the massacre of Tajiks in Afghanistan by the Taliban and demanded that this genocide should be stopped by the Taliban.

Masoud Ansar


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