Abdullah Abdullah reiterated Norway’s commitment to continue its assistance.

Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the former High Council for Reconciliation, says the Norwegian Ambassador has pledged his country’s continued cooperation with the Afghan people.

 In this meeting with the Norwegian Ambassador Andris Lyndon, they emphasized that the Afghan people need serious help, Mr. Abdullah wrote on his Facebook page.

 But what is interesting in this article is that Mr. Abdullah has not even given his name, title and any position like his previous posts.

The crisis of poverty and hunger, which has become a great challenge for the people of Afghanistan

The Taliban Ministry of Defense announced in a statement that thousands of tons of donated wheat had been sent to needy people in 13 province of the country

At the same time, Abdullah Abdullah, former chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, said in a meeting with the Norwegian ambassador that the Afghan people needed serous help.

Interestingly, Mr. Abdullah does not mention his name or title in hi recent posts on his Facebook page as in the past he did.

With the Taliban gaining control of Afghanistan, including Ashraf Ghani, his deputies, Hamdullah Moheb, Ghani’s national security adviser, chanted slogans “we’ll die but will not band over the country” and claimed to have strong roots in the country; they fled, but Abdullah Abdullah, Hamed Karzai and others remain in Kabul. 

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