City News Agency Suspended Due to Security Issues

Despite the fact that the media had an active role in the field of information, it was forced to cease its information activities.

Shahr Khabar news agency (City News), as one of the domestic media, published daily news and reports in written and video. produced reports and was active in press conferences.

About six journalists, three women and three men, worked at the media but after the media stopped working, they lost their jobs and are living in a faceless state

Despite the limitations and challenges of media work, these journalists were active in the field of information but now they are unemployed.

Samim Foroogh Faizi, founder of the news agency Shahr-e-Khabar, said that about a month ago, Taliban intelligence summoned him and ended the activities of the media outlet.

He said that he was summoned by Taliban intelligence just because of news of the closure of women's beauty saloons and they pledged to stop the media.

Mr. Faizi worries about his and his employees' safety and future

The city-news agency, which has been established in the country for nearly three years, suspended its activities due to security problems.

Farzana Ahmadi


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