From Kabul to Herat and Bamyan; women protests against the killing students.

Two days after deadly explosion on the Kaj Educational Center in the Hazara district in the west of Kabul, in which more than a hundred students were killed and injured, it faced widespread national and international reactions.

Today, hundreds of female students of Herat University and women in Bamyan province protested and expressed their protest with the slogans "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, we are all together" and "Stop the genocide of the Hazaras". Which faced with the Taliban gun firing and beating to be disappearing.

They say that no one can remove Afghan women and education is our Islamic and legal right.


The women protestors demanded the reopening of girls' schools and said that no one can prevent their education, and we will use every possible option to open the doors of the school for girls and stop the targeted killing of students. .


Since the Taliban's domination of Afghanistan, educational institutions have been repeatedly attacked by Taliban and other terrorists, because of which hundreds of university students have been killed and injured, a crime that has made the Taliban more concerned about the security of educational and educational places. Unbelievable to people and the world.


Concerning the background of this group (Taliban) and having a suicide force in their system has been criticized from time to time, and it is said that there is a possibility that these attacks are their own work, to avoid girls to not to go to university and school.

Several women step to the streets and protest against the explosion at the Kaj Educational Center in the west of Kabul, killing and injuring more than a hundred female students, and chanting slogans to stop the genocide of the Hazaras.

Masoud Ansar


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