Murder of women and ignorance of the Taliban

Sharifa and Fatema are two young women whose bodies were recovered two days before the Shadian massacre, but the Taliban say they are trying to track down and arrest the killers.

A number of citizens of the country, however, claim that these women, like other women fighters,; He has been killed by the Taliban themselves. According to them, for six months now, no one can open their mouths against the Taliban terrorist group, and if they do, they will be detained, tortured and even at the cost of their lives.

Some say that the crimes of the Taliban, although not covered by the country's media, will not remain hidden. They call on the international community not to recognize this terrorist group.

A Taliban spokesman in Balkh said they were in contact with the women's family and were trying to arrest the killers.

There have been allegations in the past that a number of Balkh civil society activists were detained by the Taliban during the protests, and some were killed by the group.

A few days after the bodies of the two women were found in Balkh, the group says the killers have not yet been identified. But the Taliban are accused of killing the women.

Masoud Ansar


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