Reading culture is about to be forget in Afghanistan

Exactly about five months ago, when the Taliban not yet taken the control of Kabul, a large number of cultural figures were gathering visiting here

The book market is now completely paralyzed the librarian says.

Cultural figures still in the country are concerned about the political situation and the lack of will to promote reading and cultural support for the Taliban have seriously damaged this important part of the people lives.

Seems like a large number of cultural figures, writers and those who read and write books have either left their the country or the current crisis have taken them away of the opportunity to read books and deal with culture

Before the Taliban group’s administration hundreds of printing houses and cultural institutions in various sectors working to enrich the country’s culture, but now there is not even a word about the activities of the Ministry of Information and Culture. And the Taliban have imposed a serious restrictions on music, theater and similar like these 

Maryam Yousefi


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