Today, 9th of Hoot, National Soldier Day was not celebrated in Afghanistan.

In the calendar of the Republican system, 9 Hoot is celebrated as Soldier's Day, but this year, with the Taliban domination, not only this day not commemorated, thousands of soldiers and officers of the former armed forces either left the country or laid down their weapons. They started their normal life.

The armed forces, which were built at a cost of billions of dollars in the last 20 years, were all destroyed overnight by the betrayal of the leaders of the armed forces, Hamdullah Moheb, a former national security adviser, and other officials of the former regime.

Most people believe that not only did the army disappear after Ashraf Ghani's escape, but the Taliban also killed more soldiers.

The Taliban group used its rule in Afghanistan to capture former soldiers and, according to reports, tortured and killed dozens of former soldiers after a general amnesty.

Experts believe that the Taliban's combat forces can never be a symbol of the Afghan National Army, but rather refer to them as Pakistani militias.

The reason for the collapse of the armed forces of the previous government was the incompetence and betrayal of the previous officials, experts say. Experts, on the other hand, believe that Taliban will not be able to gain the status of a national soldier due to their current regime of suicide bombings, explosions and ethnic clashes.

Masoud Ansar


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