Death of a Panjshiri kid in Talban group prison after seven months of torture

A young man from Panjshir who was detained by the Taliban seven months ago reportedly died in custody after suffering terrible torture.

This young man, whose name was Mutiullah Fathzadeh, was detained around seven months ago on charges of causing disorder.

He was from Omras Village, which is in the first region of Panjshir Province.

But according to accounts, this group severely tortured him before his death in custody.

Sources claim that Talban detained this young man in order to instill panic among the people of Panjshir province by accusing him of being a native of that province.

At the same time, the Taliban group has begun to arbitrarily imprison, torture, and even kill innocent individuals since gaining control of Afghanistan.

Taliban shot and killed a Panjshiri teenager in Kabul two days ago without committing a crime.


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