Former Afghan Military Women are Still in Believe to Serve the Country

One of the previous regimes was the presence of the hundreds of women and their activity in the country’s military…

But with the escape of Ghani, a part of these military women also men, have been faced some security and economic challenges.

Marzia, Nicknamed of the former military women, lives in Kabul she’s deeply concerned about the challenges she is faced with

But a number of uniformed military women of the previous government were able to leave the country due to fear of Taliban..

Najiba Lilawar is another ANP who served in previous administration as the security chief of a district police station in Jawozjan. Ms. Dilawar served for her country for several years.

The former military has not been defeated by the Taliban in a battle, but the betrayal of the commanders of armed forces as well as other military officials led the collapse of the regime and the country handed over to the Taliban Ms. Dilawar believes

A part from Ms. Dilawar, In previous government, hundreds of women served as heroes alongside me the ensure the security of the country.

A number of women have been working as officials in previous administration say, they will not give up and once again they’ll be armed and serve the country The betrayal and deals of the top rankings of the previous government let the collapse of the regime, they say. They believe the country was not fall in by any kind of Taliban fighters, some secret deals between the world and the former administration officials brought the Taliban in power

Masoud Ansar


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