A number of citizens protested in response to the Taliban foreign minister’s visit to Norway.

The protesters gathered in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, in front of the Norwegian Embassy in London, expressing their anger at the Norwegian action.

But some political analysts say Europe will never be willing to recognize a terrorist group like that Taliban

The Taliban’s first European trip has been met with widespread reactions and criticism, which has been interpreted as the normalization of relations between the Taliban and Europe.

Protesters have sharply criticized Norway, saying it should not host a group that has killed all Afghans for 20 years.

But a number of political figures believe that Europe will never be willing to recognize a terrorist group like the Taliban.

“Europe wants t work with the Taliban to prevent a humanitarian crisis and to provide humanitarian assistance,” said Dr. Naeem, who heads the International Studies and Research Group on Social Science.

Mr Asas says that despite the Taliban being accused of countless crimes against humanity, the world’s largest drug traffickers remain.

Based on five credible recourses as he saying that the Taliban pocketed up to $150 million from drug production and trafficking before the fall of Kabul, which has now multiplied.

The Taliban’s first trip to Europe comes amid a wave of protests in which three women are still being held captive by this group, something that the Norway country sees in its move, which many see as interacting with the Taliban and trying to protect European interests Ignored.

Hamed Rassoli


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