A number of men in Kabul today demanded that women should wear Arabic Hijab

The men gathered at a crossroad in Kabul, and women rights activists and opponents of the Arab Black veil called Western servants and opponents of Islamic orders.

Protesting men accuse women rights activists of extorting money from outside institution, saying they do not allow women to wear the Arabic Hijab

Although a number of women’srights activists say tey have never made any demands against Islamic orders, they see the men’s move as politically motivated by the Taliban, stressing that their opposition is to black Arab clothing and Pakistani flags, and never by force, they do not.

A part from that, the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education has instructed students to come to universities with a special cover, ie the Arab hijabs specified by this group; otherwise they will not be allowed to enter.

 With the Taliban domination, women lost their freedoms such as the right to work, the right to education, the right to drive, the right to art and many of the opportunities they had gained over the past 20 years

These men consider the opposition of a number of women to wearing the Black Arab Hijab and Borqa to be contrary to Islamic commands Whoever, a number of women rights activists calls these movements’ political, contrary to the culture of the country and Islamic orders At the same time, the ministry of higher Education issued a statement banning girls from entering without Hijab.

khadija Amin


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