Afghans protest in front of the Iranian embassy.

For several days now, videos of the torture and ill-treatment of Afghan refugees in Iran have been posted on social media, prompting Afghans to react inside the country and in other parts of the world.

Here, a number of citizens in Kabul also demonstrated in front of the Iranian embassy, ​​condemning the torture of Afghan refugees in Iran.

These citizens say that the behavior of some Iranians towards inhumane Afghan refugees is against Islamic values, humanity, international rules and immigration conventions in the world.

Meanwhile, Experts believe the plans were hatched by the Taliban to send Afghan youth back to Afghanistan and recruit terrorist groups.

A number of demonstrators in Khost and Herat provinces have also called for a comprehensive investigation into recent incidents involving Afghan refugees.

Young people in Kabul staged protests in front of the Iranian embassy against the mistreatment, humiliation and rape of Afghan refugees in Iran. Videos posted on social media show Iranian citizens and the Iranian military endangering the lives of Afghans in the country with their inhumane and Islamic treatment. Earlier, the Iranian embassy in Kabul had denied the allegations and stressed relations between the two countries. People: Taliban have no plans against the Iranian government's treatment of Afghan refugees.


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