Taliban Blocked Radio Tajala Activities

After ten years of activity and enlightenment, the black thoughts of the Taliban caused the closure of the local Radio Station Tajala in Maidan Wardak Province

Radio officials say they tried to serve their people despite economic hardship, but the Taliban intervened and forced them to quit.

Less than six months have been passed since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and while all the achievements of the last 20 years have been severely damaged, freedom of expression is literally taking its last breaths under the Taliban flag.

Radio Tajala, which was the first local Radio Station in Maidan Wardak, along with dozens of print, audio and video media outlets, have been closed or restricted their activities in recent months due to economic challenges, Taliban threats and the escape of the cadres.

With the Taliban emphasizing the activities of the media, but serous interference in the media threatening media activities, and preventing the publication of newspapers and dozens of others have caused the media that has been published so far to become propaganda and the truth they pay. And the oppression of the Taliban to remain hidden

Radio officials told in a news conference that despite their economic hardships, they continued to operate, but the Taliban intervention had led to their closure after ten years.

Masoud Ansar


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