As a result of Taliban prohibitions, more women perished in the Herat earthquake.

On his X page, former foreign minister Rangin Dadfar Spenta asserts that more women than men perished in the Herat earthquake.

He claimed that the majority of the ladies who perished in the aftershocks did so because the Taliban government's regulations prevented them from leaving their homes.

More than 2,000 people have reportedly perished in the Herat earthquake, according to sources.

The majority of the victims were residents of outlying settlements with weak structural systems.According to Spenta, the Taliban government's regulations prevent Afghan women from leaving the house.

Women are more susceptible to natural disasters as a result of these limitations.

There have been numerous responses to the Herat earthquake both inside and outside of Afghanistan.

Numerous international groups and human rights campaigners have demanded that this tragedy end immediately away.

The earthquake in Herat demonstrated once more how the Taliban government's limitations render women more susceptible to natural disasters.


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