Fugitive politicians following the deal with the Haqqani group

Arif Rahmani, a former member of parliament who lives outside Afghanistan after the Taliban took over, reports the meeting of Haqqani network representatives with a number of fugitive politicians.

Although Mr. Rahmani did not mention the names of these fugitive politicians, he wrote in a message that "there is news of a meeting between representatives of the Haqqani network and some political figures in one of the neighboring countries.

It seems that the purpose of these meetings is to secure the rights of these people at the expense of the Afghan people; It is under the rule of the Taliban!" Criticizing these politicians, Arif Rahmani said that people should not be traded with the promises of the Taliban group and to secure their personal interests.

But Mashkoor Kabuli, a member of the National Resistance Front, has asked Mr. Rahmani to make the names of these politicians public.

This is while the Taliban have created a commission called contact with personalities and so far they have announced the return of hundreds of people.

Most of the members of parliament and Pashtun officials have interacted with the Taliban and live under the banner of this group, meanwhile, a large number of politicians of Tajik origin and other ethnic groups have said no to Taliban rule and left.


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