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Its about 9 months, women have been calling for justice on the streets of Kabul

Voices that have never been heard by the Taliban and the world

Some women say that the gates of schools should be opened to girls and that the right to education given to them by God should not be taken away by the Taliban.

These women call on the international community to break the silence and put pressure on the Taliban so that the doors of schools are not closed and a large part of the population is not deprived of the blessings of literacy.

Although the Taliban have used the students' uniforms and curriculum as an excuse to close the school gates, Taliban has so far been unable to decide whether to reopen the school gates.

Although these women have raised their voices for the most basic rights, the Taliban have always suppressed these voices.

Its 251 days after the fall of the regime, girls have not gone to school.

Although women have repeatedly protested the opening of schools, the doors of schools are still closed to girls for unreasonable reasons by the Taliban.


Voices not yet heard by the Taliban and the world, It has been 251 days since the girls did not go to school.


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