Afghanistan media organization: No one has the right to arrest journalists arbitrarily

After a day and a night, the Taliban freed Voice of America reporter Latif Yaqoubi from his incarceration in Ghazni.

 The Afghan media organization made this announcement despite the fact that the Taliban claimed they did not arrest Yaqoubi because of his work in the media and that the reason for Yaqoubi's arrest is unclear.

 They also urged the Taliban to refrain from making arbitrary arrests of journalists and media personnel.

 They add that the Taliban do not respect not only the wishes of the institutions that support journalists but also the orders of the Amirul Momineen of this group.

 Some journalists, however, do not believe that the activities of institutions that support the media and journalists are very effective.

 Since the Taliban detained two Amu TV employees, it has been four months, yet no one or group has been held accountable.





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