Unknown Detention Centers or Secret and Arbitrary Prisons

The Taliban are torturing people by creating dreadful prisons

Most of these secret and unknown prisons are located in different parts of Afghanistan

People who have been arrested and imprisoned by the Taliban on various charges, now that they have been released from prison due to threats, cannot recount the torture they have endured

But, Taliban have never admitted to mistreating prisoners

Although, Taliban announced a general amnesty, a week after the announcement, they arrested six soldiers, journalists, civil activists and Afghans working with the foreigners.

A number were taken away and some of them were shot dead as soon as they arrested

According to Mr, Hussaini, one of the worst types of the Taliban’s prison is in Panjshir, where Panjshiri young generations imprisoned and tortured for being Panjshiris.

Experts say, since the Taliban in powered, many people in Afghanistan have suddenly disappeared with now fate.

This is itself indicates a form of mafia abduction

Although reports presents lots of prisons of Taliban, but the number of prisons of this group is unknown and the exact number of prisoners are unknown as well

Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Ms. Deborah Lyons, called Taliban officials to determine the fate of the protesting girls, but Abdul Kabir, the Taliban’s deputy prime minister, said he was unaware of the fate of the protesting girls.

And this ignorance means that each Taliban commander has a personal prison and arbitrarily imprisons and tortures people.

A number of former members of parliament say, Taliban commanders have horrific personal prisons in which former soldiers, relatives of former soldiers and even women are imprisoned and tortured. Sources say, Taliban intelligence is now runs by Pakistan

Masoud Ansar


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