Yesterday’s Suicides of Today’s Poets

The Taliban have resorted to television and literature to whiten their black, something that belonged to the group until yesterday, and its users were severely punished.

Hiding bloody hand behind the golden word, the language that until yesterday cursed the people of Afghanistan and sealed their foreheads with atheism, now sings and love poem.

The show that the audience is one language and one shape, with long hair and beard, red eyes and wrinkled handkerchiefs, seems to be not the national television (RTA) studio in Kabul, but the Deobandi MADRASA

Among these poets and writers still you can find figures from the Karzai and Ghani administration who lovingly recite poems describing Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban terrorist group.

But what do these and the Taliban have in common?

Taliban have been trying to bury their crimes against humanity for the past 20 years since their arrival in Kabul.

Televisions are being censored, journalists are being threatened with death threats and women exposed at all times, as if the black curtain is closing on the Afghan people.

Experts Say: the Taliban have sought refuge in television and literature in a bid to crack down on crimes against humanity committed against the Afghan people over the past 20 years, and have organized monolingual, mono-ethnic and mono-gender rallies.

Masoud Ansar


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