Molvi Kabir: It is useless for the world to put pressure on Talban

During his meeting with Robert Charterton Dixon, the British ambassador to Afghanistan, Maulvi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy of the deputy head of the Taliban group, stated that the world should engage with the Taliban group instead of trying to pressure them to change their policies.Maulvi Kabir once again requested in this meeting that the nations of the world give the Taliban group Afghanistan's seat in the UN and dispatch their representatives to Afghanistan based on the announcement made by the Taliban group. The Taliban group's announcement also mentions the British Chargé d'affaires saying that the UN special representative's report on Afghanistan is thorough and can help the Taliban group's relations with the international community.While no nation has yet acknowledged the Taliban's rule, representatives from several other nations are currently meeting with the group.The largest barrier to the Taliban's recognition, according to nations around the world, is their ban on women and girls from employment and education.


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