Release of 40 women detained by the Taliban in Balkh

The Taliban have announced the release of men and women who were detained by this group in Balkh three days ago. The detainees, several of whom were women from different provinces, had come to Balkh to travel abroad.

Although it is not yet clear how the Taliban detainees were treated, the Taliban in Balkh say that of the 40 men and women detained, only two remained in custody, while the other detainees were released on bail.

However, some believe that the Taliban have been brutally oppressing the people, especially women and former soldiers, since their governance in the country, and have been detaining people illegally.

A part from that, a number of citizens of the country warn that the people will definitely speak out against these injustices.

Sources say that the Americans had rented a place in Balkh province for those who were preparing to leave Afghanistan and wanted to leave the country through Balkh airport.

Masoud Ansar


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