Educational Centers west Kabul are closed until further notice

Screams and groans of mothers and fathers looking for their children alive or dead

Children who have gone to school to learn knowledge will never return home.

At around 9 am today, Tuesday (Hamal 30), three explosions took place in educational centers in the west of Kabul.

Eyewitnesses say: The first explosion took place at the exit door of Abdul Rahim Shahid School while students were leaving the school to go home.

The second blast occurred after a number of residents went to the scene to help the victims and the injured.

After the blasts, however, the Taliban did not allow the media to cover the news

A number of reporters who went to the scene say that the Taliban arrested a number of reporters and took their cameras and prevented them from being photographed.

Meanwhile, citizens who went to Ali Jinnah Hospital to donate blood to the injured were also prevented by the Taliban.

Witnesses say the Taliban dumped the bodies of today's martyrs in complete disgrace in a container behind Ali Jinnah Hospital, and victims' families must search for their children among the dismembered bodies.

Dasht-e Barchi is a neighborhood of Shiites and Hazaras in Afghanistan that has witnessed many explosions and suicides.

The explosion of Seyed Al-Shohada School, Mo'oud School and Kowsar Danesh are also among the deadly attacks of extremist groups.

In recent years, students in western Kabul have lost their lives

Due to high security threats to residents of western Kabul, all educational centers in the Shiite district of Kabul were closed. The Union of Educational Centers in West Kabul has issued a statement saying that in order to save the lives of students, all educational centers in West Kabul will be closed until further notice.


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