Rina Amiri: the adorable situation of women in Afghanistan should be investigated.

Rina Amiri: The U.S. Special Representative for Human Rights and Women of Afghanistan said that the international community at the second Doha meeting has supported the Afghan people's struggle for economic stability, security and rights to Afghan citizens, especially addressing the problems of women and girls.

On Saturday, February 24, Ms. Amiri wrote on her X that the dismal situation of Afghan women and their participation in society is one of the discussions that should be considered.

In this memorandum he added that at the meeting, the commitment and support of the people of Afghanistan has been emphasized.

The second UN meeting, hosted by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, was held in Doha on 29 and 30 last month, with the presence of special envoys from more than 27 countries.

Farzana Ahmadi


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