Young Generation Concerns the Cancellation of Fulbright Scholarship for Afghanistan

These young people say that with the rise of the Taliban, they have lost most of their educational opportunities.

A US official has told the media that Fulbright scholarships has been closed for Afghanistan

About 150 students were scheduled to travel to the Unites States for Fulbright scholarships this year to pursue higher education, but the media reported on the Stated Department’s decision to stop the scholarships for Afghan Students.

A number of students, while calling on U.S government to resume this educational opportunity for the youth of Afghanistan consider the interruption of this educational process as a great loss.

Apart from that a number of students emphasize that with the Taliban domination, more educational opportunities inside and outside the country have been taken away from the citizens of the country, which will have a negative impact on the future of the country and its citizens.

140 students passed the test for Fulbright scholarship.


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