Captivity of Women is not in Islam

Women protesters who hide their faces for fear of the Taliban and seek justice from a closed place for women abducted by the Taliban

These women chanted the slogan, “women’s Captivity is Not Allowed in Islam”, condemned the Taliban’s actions and demanded the release of women abducted by the Taliban.

A part from that, a number of women, whose faced are also covered, read a text in support of Taliban, a text they even cannot read on paper

However, the Taliban consider the detention and torture of men and women as their right to rule and have so far rejected the demands of the world and the people of Afghanistan for the release of the abducted omen.

A number of women protesters once again demanded the release of women abducted by the Taliban by covering their faces in a covered area due to Taliban threats. Several women protesters have been arrested, tortured and disappeared since the Taliban took the control But the Taliban denying giving information

Masoud Ansar


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