School girls protest against TLB Decision of closure of schools for girls above the sixth grade

A number of women, including teachers and students, expressed their anger at a march in Kabul today for blocking the education of girls in the country and closing the gates of schools to high school and high school students in the country and calling for the gates to be reopened. These became schools.

The protesters, who also carried school textbooks with slogans in their hands, said they were tired of ignorance and demanded that the schools be reopened to all girls.

Some of these women believe that if the gates of educational centers are not opened to girls, the talents that exist in these girls will disappear and thousands of talented girls will stay at home.

A number of Afghans in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, also protested the Taliban's decision to close girls' schools.

One of the protesters says that learning in Islam is obligatory for every man and woman, and denying the presumption of disbelief and not doing it is a great sin for those who hinder the education of girls.

The Taliban also deprived women of education, employment, political participation, and social activism during their first term in office.

The country was scheduled to reopen after the start of the school year and girls' high schools after a seven-month hiatus, but the Taliban did not allow girls above the sixth grade to go to school on the first day of reopening.

A number of women and girls in Kabul protested against the closure of school gates to girls in the country and called on the international community to put pressure on the Taliban to open school gates. These women consider the right to education to be one of the most fundamental rights of women in Afghanistan and emphasize that they are tired of ignorance.

Masoud Ansar


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